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Dent (DENT) Helyezés 30

Piaci kapitalizáció $1.6 B
Forgalom 24H 0 DENT
Nyitás 24H $0.017
Min/Max $0.015 - $0.018

Dent is a decentralized exchange for mobile data. It's based on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing mobile data to be sold, bought or donated  through an automated bidding process much like currencies or goods. The data packages are smart contracts in Ethereum. The DENT token is required to purchase mobile data within the Dent platform.

Telj. Kapitalizáció $ 1.6 B Forgalom 24H 0.00000000 DENT
Piaci részesedés 0.25% Teljes mennyiség 2.15 B DENT
Típusa Nyitás $ 0.02
Napi min. $ 0.02 Napi max. $ 0.02
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