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Anarchists Prime (ACP) Helyezés 990

Piaci kapitalizáció $5,123.000
Forgalom 24H 36 ACP
Nyitás 24H $0.013
Min/Max $0.001 - $0.013

AnarchistsPrime ACP is a crypto currency for those who know the anarchy symbolism and what it stands for, this is to help aid those protestors who need ways of receiving funding. Despite the specific use named for this particular crypto by its creators the crypto is an SHA-256 Proof of Work based coin with block time of 3 minutes and difficulty retargetting each block.

Telj. Kapitalizáció $ 5,123.00 Forgalom 24H 36.00 ACP
Piaci részesedés 0% Teljes mennyiség 53.76 M ACP
Típusa PoW Nyitás $ 0.01
Napi min. $ 0.0005 Napi max. $ 0.01
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